What is a landing page?

 A landing page is a web page that a person “lands” on after clicking through from an ad, or other digital location. The landing page has specific information about your product or service. landing pages only encourage their users to take one such action, like fill out the custom signup form on the page. The landing page consists of a call to action inquiry forms call buttons, and inquiry now.

Now things come to our mind landing and home page sound the same but NO!

There are a handful of things that set homepages and landing pages apart. Homepages have:

  • More links:
  • On a home page, you will find many links, like links on the top i.e. the header of the page and links in the footer of the page. but on a landing page, you will find fewer links 
  • A different audience and purpose:
  • Many of the people who visit your homepage probably haven’t decided what they want yet. On the other hand, users who end up on your landing pages have already shown interest in what you offer. They’ve ventured deeper into your customer journey and are more ready to convert.

 We at Find solution, one of the best website designing companies and digital marketing agencies believe that a landing page integral part of promotional activities, when you are promoting on social media, the Google platform. 

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