The positives of digital marketing far outweigh any negatives that exist.

This is how the benefits far outweigh the negatives when it comes to the impact of digital marketing on business.

The impact of digital marketing on traditional marketing has been profound, and rightfully so. The world of digital marketing opens doors that offer a potential client the opportunity to feel as if he or she is connected with a business, as if the client is a part of it, simply because one sees content from that business online on a regular basis. These types of things entice potential buyers to give products and services a try that they once wouldn’t have even known about. The benefits of digital marketing for the business world are vast and easily outweigh any potential negatives.

Impact of Digital Marketing on Businesses

  • More affordable methods of reaching a wider audience. Advertising online is less expensive than print advertising, and more people see it. It’s that simple. Hundreds, or even thousands, of people can be reached via sponsored posts on various social media sites for a few dollars a pop. It can take several hundred dollars to run a single print ad in a newspaper, and then consideration must be given to whether or not the target demographic is even seeing the ad.
  • More of a variety of easily accessible marketing outlets. Digital marketing opens a whole new world of opportunities. There are social media, email campaigns, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, banner ads, and so much more. All of these functions can easily be taken care of online as well, making the process smoother.
  • Everyone’s online, so more people are seeing your ads. Again, it’s that simple. These days, people get everything from their news, their weather, the gossip on Bessie’s latest affair, and even their groceries, all with a few clicks of a mouse or swipes of a finger.

Negative Impact of Digital Marketing

While the benefits are easy to see, another important consideration when going digital with your marketing plan is the negative impact of digital marketing. It’s easy to think, “What could possibly go wrong with online advertising?” Well, when more people are viewing marketing content, there’s always the fear (or there should be) that the wrong message could be perceived. If marketers aren’t conscious of what’s going on around them, it’s easy to put out a message that can be misinterpreted. For example, consider the #metoo movement.

If a marketer was unaware of the movement (perhaps they’ve been hiding under a rock) and ran a banner ad on Facebook with some humor about something that could even slightly, in some far-off universe, be considered sexist, it could be the death of that company. While that might sound severe, consider the line, “Once it’s been on the internet, it’s out there forever.” Once an ad has run that can be affiliated with a company and is interpreted in an offensive manner, it’s out there, never to be retracted. It’s often death by digital suicide for the company behind the message.

While there are always negatives with any marketing strategy, the impact of digital marketing on businesses has, overall, been a positive one. With more access to a broader audience, digital marketing illuminates businesses in ways that were once impossible, saving businesses time, money, and bringing in new customers like never before.

Src- TechFunnel

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