SEO and its Importance?

Looking for SEO specialist in Mumbai – You will make up your mind after reading this article. Getting SEO company in Mumbai is a big task as most of the companies use black hat strategy to reflect it on top of google. Let us understand strategies and SEO Companies from its core.Search Engines like Google, Bing take your keyword as input and after searching millions of websites for appropriate results fetch out the most outstanding websites on top page of search engine. Many factors are taken into account while fetching your most appropriate results. Hence you will find websites inculcating many keywords which the users would search.

Search engines usually crawl all the web pages available on the websites i.e all the content, pdf, images and index these pages with a method called “crawling and indexing,” and then these web pages are ordered as per their preference which is called as “ ranking”

Organic results are usually taken into account for SEO which depend on how effective your content is. Good SEO Company usually understand the requirement of each client ( brands) and position each keywords on search engine. Organic results are not paid ads. Inorganic or Paid ads are easily visible on the Search engine result page at the top of the search engine which you usually find it in the highlighted format “Ad”.

Now search result has changed when you compare it with 90’s and late 2000. Now you will find more dynamic pages and dynamic snippets which are usually answer to the questions asked by an user. Its usually in a box or carousel format.

Basically,  SERP features on Google are organic and are not paid and can be influenced by SEO. Find a best company for SEO in Mumbai, India is as simple as it can get. Search for Best SEO Company in Mumbai on Google and you will find many SEO companies getting on top page of Google. Select these companies wisely and give them the job.

Majorly traffic on your website depends on how well your website is optimized i.e how well your content, meta tags are placed for google to crawl and index it and thus make your keywords reflect on top of Google.

SEO as a tool is way more effective than paid advertisement. SEO attracts 20X more than PPC or paid ads.SEO continues to pay rich dividends to a company as it will help your website to reflect on top page of google and generate income over time. PPC is a costly affair. Optimizing your site will help deliver better information to search engines so that your content can be properly indexed and displayed within search results.

Hiring a SEO agency for your job?

Yes, you should hire a company who can do a good job. Don’t expect too much at the start atleast for initial 30 days as SEO is a gradual process unlike PPC ( Prepaid Service for Google which is very dynamic and it focuses on competition , Volume and hence bidding amount ). Outsource your Job to a good SEO company who are in this business for atleast 5 years. Because company with very good experience will have many jobs in hand and their focus is not so much on the job and you will turnup paying too much for too less. Good company with around 5 years of experience will do a better job, remain focuss and treat your job on priority.

Learning Technical’s on SEO?

White Hat Strategies– It refers to the strategies used by SEO companies for best output and working on the guidelines specified by Google. You do not break rules in faster ranking of your keyword on top page of Google.

Black Hat Strategies-  This strategy do not follow ethical techniques of SEO. It tries to fool Google and users by showing keywords on your website with lesser importance. Spamming is the best example of Black Hat Strategy. It might be good for few days but once noticed by Google will result in throwing your web pages at the lower ranking. Always avoid Black Hat Strategies as it will badly impact your website ranking. Hence choose you SEO Company who understands these strategies and your brands.

Never ever try to fool or trick the search engine as they are smarter than you think.

Let us see an example of how search engine behaves for various keywords.

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